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Pocket Key Holster


Pocket Key Holster:
Created to organize your keys and to keep them quiet while
moving around through out your day. Small enough to place in
your front pocket or attach it to your Heavy Duty
Lanyard. You can never have too many Leather
accessories, especially when they make daily life
- Securely Shuts with sigma button snap.
- The Outer Stitching serves much more than just aesthetics.
It keeps the leather protected from stretching due to the
use and abuse over the years.
How it works:
- Unscrew the back from the front post
- Keep front post in place
- Push the Post through your keyhole(s) inside the flap
- Place the front post back through the back flap
Secure screw to post

Dimensions: 1.25”(H) X 3”(W)

  • Image of Pocket Key Holster
  • Image of Pocket Key Holster


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